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"I did have a lot of doubts and questions and I think that’s part of the package of discernment and it’s OK to have those questions and doubts. In my own awareness of these questions, these are good healthy questions to have. It’s good, it’s healthy to question yourself and question if you’re in the right place and it’s essential to one’s life discernment."

Brother Joe Ruiz, C.S.C.
Master of Theology Candidate, Oblate School of Theology

DiscernmentAll vocations come from God. But, how do you know if you are being called by God to the religious life? What are some signs that you can look for?

Men who are considering becoming a Brother of Holy Cross enter into a process of “discernment,” or decision-making, that helps them determine if religious life might be for them. During this period of prayer and personal reflection, you will explore your gifts, talents, strengths and weaknesses, and develop your relationship with God and the inner motivation moving you towards a religious vocation. The discernment process is also an opportunity to get to know the Brothers of Holy Cross and experience our shared common life.

Some signs that you might be hearing a call from God are:

  • I need more meaning in my life
  • I have a desire to deepen my faith and my relationship with God
  • I participate in Mass on a regular basis
  • Other people tell me I would make a good religious person
  • I want to live with others who believe what I believe
  • I am a generous person who finds serving others to be life-giving
  • I am comfortable with silence
  • I am excited about new possibilities in my life

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