Prayer Intentions

The Brothers of Holy Cross gather each day in community to celebrate the Eucharist and to pray Morning and Evening Prayer. St. André once said, “When praying, one speaks to God as one speaks to a friend.” In his prayer, Bro. André remembered all of the people he had encountered that day, asking St. Joseph to guide and protect them.

If you would like the Brothers of Holy Cross to pray for you and your intentions through the intercession of St. André, please click here to submit your prayer intention.

Posted by: Bill and Carol - ........................... , OH
Posted on August 28, 2012
Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son & Other Ongoing Hardships & Sorrows..

Thank you for praying with daily for recovery! Recovery is very slow! Please continue to pray(2012)with us daily for God's Healing,Protecting Peace & Hope!Please Pass prayer request on to Monasteries,Convents,Nuns,Sisters,Shrines,Prayer Groups,Prayer Chains & Others you know of in the Worldwide Community of Prayer! Meanwhile,We continue to stay at our Post! Thank you!Bill&Carol. oh.usa
Posted by: Max - Cleveland , OH
Posted on August 24, 2012
Please pray for my father's good friend you has been diagnosed with melanoma on the inside of his body. Knowing he will die, he has committed himself in fighting the disease and to cherish every second he has for his last moments on Earth. There were no signs of melanoma on the outside of his body where symptoms are usually present. No one nows why it developed on the inside of his body. Once again, please pray for him. He needs strength.
Posted by: Anonymous - Monmouth Junction , NJ
Posted on August 23, 2012
Spiritual success of the Office of Evangelization (Diocese of Metuchen,NJ) retreat "New Life" September 21-23,2012 for the presentors and participants
Posted by: josephine ir - penryn , CO
Posted on August 22, 2012
brain disorder very ill
Posted by: Maria
Posted on August 21, 2012
Please pray that Lord deeply heal every moment of my previous life in sins with His unconditional love,that I might experience that I was always loved by Him,no mater my sins were. After years of my conversion my soul has been going through terrible torture of guilt and unworthiness, I am really exhausted.God bless you!+
Posted on August 21, 2012
Posted by: praful - calicut
Posted on August 20, 2012
dear borthers please for the mercy of god.
Posted by: praful - calicut
Posted on August 20, 2012
dear borther i am from india.i am trying to go canada dear brothers for student inorder to be get my visa to canada as soon as possible by january 2013.for this please pray.
Posted on August 16, 2012
Brethren in Christ, join me and pray to my heavenly Daddy-God Almighty so that i get my appointment letter from Lasting Impression, clear my debts and rescue my car from the Revenue Authority. Thanks Be to God.
Posted by: Anonymous
Posted on August 16, 2012
Dear Brothers of Holy Cross,

please pray for my father Davor, he is so in need of God's Love, which he hasn't experienced yet. Please pray, through intercession of Brother Andre, for his conversion, and openness to hear and receive Christ in his ruined life.

Thank you Brothers, for every prayer!
Your brother in Christ
Posted by: Mary Beth Minnis - Austin , TX
Posted on August 11, 2012
Dear Prayer Warrior,
My name is Mary Beth Minnis, and I was encouraged to contact you for the great purpose of asking others to pray with me. Along with a group of others, I am in the process of asking others to pray with me for the production of a powerful movie called, "Left to Tell", httpswww.facebook.comprayforlefttotell, telling the incredible story of Immaculee Ilibagaza, Catholic survivor of the Rwandan genocide.
Posted by: Anonymous - Doha
Posted on August 10, 2012
Please pray for me that God restores my lost scalp hair
Posted by: Anonymous
Posted on August 9, 2012
For my husband - that God will give him all the grace he needs to overcome all of his addictions and that he will never return to them. For healing in our marriage. That my husband will find happiness and all that he needs from me and our children.
Posted by: Anonymous - PHC
Posted on July 31, 2012
Please pray for God's divine mercy upon me and my family May the lord grant on us good health, favour and divine breakthrough to the glory of His name, amen.
Posted by: Bill and Carol , OH
Posted on July 20, 2012
Slow Recovery from Death of Our Only Son & Other Ongoing Sorrows...

Thank you for standing with us in daily prayer for recovery!Recovery is very slow!Despite ongoing hardships we continue to stay at our Post in Hope & Prayer!Please continue to pray(2012)with us daily for recovery!God's Healing,Protecting Peace & Hope!Pass Prayer Request on to other Communities(Women&Men)of Prayer that you know of in the World? Nuns?Priests? etc. Thank you! Bill & Carol. oh.usa
Posted by: Cha - PHC
Posted on July 20, 2012
Through the intercession of mother Mary and all the saints, please pray for my mother, Bridget. She has emotional imbalance which has resulted in her becoming very aggressive in her actions. She can now nag and quarrel all day long. This has brought so much discomfort in the family especially to my father. May the Lord grant her divine healing and deliverance. May the lord make her wholesome again restore her peace and sense of reasoning to the glory of God amen.

Intercede for me on my job.
Posted by: Anonymous - santa clara ca , CA
Posted on July 18, 2012
i ask intercesion over all our family
restaruration well being on all areas over our life and moral and family and
protection , economically and emotionally and on job and fiantially and
in our relationship with God and
one and other and
as mother and children
healing for our children and
mother and father and brothers and sisters
in jesus we trust
Posted by: Anonymous
Posted on July 10, 2012
Prayer Request for J & A

Please help us pray for divine intervention in J & A's relationship. For the complete truth to be revealed and for hope, light and love to come back in.
Posted by: Darwin - Caloocan City
Posted on July 9, 2012
For the M.A.S. of the our Parish. Let conflicts be resolve as we went through this transition.
Posted by: Anonymous
Posted on July 7, 2012
Please pray for my friend's mother she is dealing with a very serious medical problem, along with the loss of her family's home.