Prayer Intentions

The Brothers of Holy Cross gather each day in community to celebrate the Eucharist and to pray Morning and Evening Prayer. St. André once said, “When praying, one speaks to God as one speaks to a friend.” In his prayer, Bro. André remembered all of the people he had encountered that day, asking St. Joseph to guide and protect them.

If you would like the Brothers of Holy Cross to pray for you and your intentions through the intercession of St. André, please click here to submit your prayer intention.

Posted by: Anonymous
Posted on January 25, 2012
Dear Brothers of Holy Cross,

please pray for my friend Zrinka, who is having a difficult surgery tomorrow.

Thank you for all your prayers, God bless you!
Posted by: Anonymous - Demotte , IN
Posted on January 17, 2012
Dear Brothers of Holy Cross,
Please pray for my son who is a Type 1 Diabetic and doesn't take care of himself. He keeps having low sugars which could put him into a diabetic coma. He is biter over being a diabetic and can't come to grips with it. Please Lord Jesus come into his heart and erase his bitterness.
Posted by: Anonymous
Posted on January 12, 2012
Dear Brothers of Holy Cross,

please pray, through intercession of St Andre, for my brother Bruno who is in hospital, having kidney stone attack. It can be very very painful.

Thank you for your prayers! O, Brother Andre, please intercede with crucified Christ, our one and only Lord!
Posted by: Damian - Hobart Australia
Posted on January 6, 2012
Today is the feast of St Andre, I ask through his intercession by the grace of St Joseph that he cures me once and for all. I am a sinner and reget my sins. I know St Joseph will always answer. My pledge is spread more devotion to St Andre and ST Joseph in Australia. Thankyou.
Posted by: faith , TX
Posted on January 4, 2012
Posted by: Anonymous
Posted on January 1, 2012
Prayer Request for a Serious Situation

Please help us pray for a friend who is in a terrible situation. During a time of great confusion he was lured into getting married to someone who only married him to get a green card. This young man had never been married before and has cried copious tears over this very recent terrible mistake. May God grant him a way out through His Church. And may God heal and give peace to the one most hurt by this terrible mistake…the pure one who truly, deeply loved
Posted by: Anonymous , MI
Posted on December 29, 2011
successful surgery on 12-30-2011
Posted by: Anonymous
Posted on December 25, 2011
Dear Brother of Holy Cross,

my friend Petra gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Thank you very much for your prayers! I wish you a joyfull and blessed Christmas!

O baby Jesus, thank you for hearing our prayers!
Posted by: Dot Zukor - Glenn Dale , MD
Posted on December 24, 2011
For successful surgeries on my daughter's foot and my husband's knee.
Posted by: Anonymous
Posted on December 17, 2011
Dear Brothers,

please pray for Ivana, she is so in need. Pray for her conversion and her life, that she gets a job and finds a good husband.

Thank you, let Jesus always be with you!
Posted by: Anthony - Portage , IN
Posted on December 17, 2011
My brother JAMES will die without the right kind of operation. Please pray it comes in time.
Posted by: Anonymous
Posted on December 8, 2011
Dear Brothers of Holy Cross,

please pray for my friend Petra, who is pregnant and has some problems with pregnancy. Namely her baby is too little. It seems as if it has come to the stagnation in her growth.

O Jesus, I abandon both her and her baby into your hand! Brother Andre and Saint Gianna Beretta Molla please intercede for her in the presence of our God who suffered so immensely for us!
Posted by: isaac - kigal
Posted on November 8, 2011
Please pray for my religious life because i begin to fail for that way where i meet many difficult and i need your pray in order to continue my vocation.
Posted by: Searching - Bay Village , OH
Posted on October 26, 2011
Please pray for me as I go through RCIA. I have been going to Catholic Mass for 11 years, my husband is catholic and our son goes to private all boys catholic school. I know this is where I should be, I just need something, not sure what, to help me realize my decision is correct. Before RCIA I already had a strong faith in the christian church, so that is not the issue, just finding my way.
Posted by: Anonymous , PA
Posted on October 11, 2011
pray for elderly frail mother to have christian nurse, nurse aid assigned to her at her assisted living facility. Please pray for her taxi transportation to doctor appointments which take all day..she is not allowed to walk outside her assisted living with out observation of nurse aid. Please pray all doctorsnurses especially those dealing with her heart and blood will be lead by God.She was receiving Medicare treatment and it was delayed or suspended due to budget issues..She does not get out
Posted by: Anonymous
Posted on October 10, 2011
Dear Brothers of Holy Cross,

Please pray for Lovre (engl. Lawrence), I'm his confirmation sponsor. Please pray for his conversion, and especially for deliverance from addictive activities such as computer games. O brother André I beg you to intercede for him in the presence of our Holy Lord Jesus Christ!

Thank you dear Brothers for every prayer you direct to our Lord, let His peace and grace be with you always!
Posted on October 4, 2011
Posted by: Michele T - South Bend , IN
Posted on October 3, 2011
Recovery of healthuncomplicated surgery if needed, and good employment.
Posted by: Leonard Ciaburri - Branford , CT
Posted on October 3, 2011
For good health, to find love and
Posted by: Natalie Bostrom - Mountain View , CA
Posted on September 19, 2011
For John Franco, Jr. battling brain cancer. I love you my brother!