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The Brothers of Holy Cross
The Brothers of Holy Cross


The brothers and priests of the Congregation of Holy Cross have a long history of collaboration and common charism that educates people in the faith and brings hope to the world. United by our founder, Blessed Fr. Basil Moreau, CSC in 1837, the brothers and priests of the Congregation of Holy Cross originally ministered to the pastoral and educational needs of the French church.

Over the next two decades, brothers and priests responded to the need for evangelization and education beyond France and established ministries in Europe, Algeria, the United States, Canada and even to the difficult mission of Eastern Bengal (Bangladesh). In 1857, the Constitutions of the Congregation were approved by Pope Pius IX, and the two societies formed a closer union with a shared governmental structure and missionary activity that focused on preaching the Word of God and Christian education.

Committed to the future, Holy Cross brothers and priests are advancing together as “Educators in the Faith.” The revised Constitutions, published by the General Chapter of 1986, were a conscious attempt to return more closely to the ideal of Blessed Fr. Moreau as a company of men devoted not only to a mission of service, but as a group of clerical and lay religious called to become brothers - to make a common life together and to embark upon ministries in concert with one another.


About the Seal of The Congregation of Holy Cross


The seal of the Congregation of Holy Cross is represented by a cross surmounted at its base by two anchors, the Christian symbol for hope. Our motto is the Latin phrase Ave Crux Spes Unica reflecting our conviction that the cross is our "only hope."

The abbreviation "C.S.C." represents the Latin title of the Congregation -- Congregatio a Sancta Cruce.

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