Living in Faith: St. Joseph Discernment House


St. Joseph House is the on-campus residence of the Brothers of Holy Cross working at Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, IN. Read about residents’ experiences in their own words.

A Shared Seder Meal

Brother Pozz organized a Seder meal for the community. Before the start of the Easter Triduum last week, Brother Pozz organized a Seder meal for the community. The Seder meal mimicked the traditional Jewish Seder meal to remind us about the Jewish origins... Read More

Easter at Columba Hall

We spent Easter at Columba Hall, the retired community of brothers on the Notre Dame campus. After Mass, a reception followed and then the big Easter lunch. It’s always fun spending time with the retired Brothers. They are full of wisdom, experience,... Read More

Birthday Celebrations!

On Thursday of last week, we celebrated the recent birthdays of two brothers from St. Joseph House – Bro. Jony and Bro. Jesus. We went bowling and, also had some pizza and ice cream. It was a lot of fun, especially for Bro. Jony. It was his first... Read More

Kickoff to Holy Week

As we kick off Holy Week, we commemorate the triumphant arrival of Christ in Jerusalem. The St. Joseph House visited the Shrine of Christ’s Passion on Saturday before Palm Sunday. The Shrine is made up of 40 life-size bronze statues that make up... Read More

Spec Unica XL

All the participants on the 40th edition of the Spes Unica retreat sponsored by Holy Cross College campus ministry. The retreat started 20 years ago and has taken place twice a year since. From March 29-April 2, some of us from St. Joseph House went on... Read More

Serving Others, Serving Christ

We are told that by serving others we serve Christ. This is especially true when ministering to the poor. “Whatever you do for one of these least brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40). During this Lenten season, I’ve... Read More

Celebrating Our Patron St. Joseph

Portrait of St. Joseph, Basilica of the Sacred Heart, University of Notre Dame. After a relaxing week off from the academic schedule for spring break, we at St. Joseph House, found ourselves on the cusp of a great celebration – the solemnity of... Read More

Drawing Inspiration from the Brothers Symposium

Bro. Mark and Bro. Roy at the Brothers Symposium on March 25. The first National Symposium on the Life of the Religious Brother  was held on March 25 at the University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN.  The event drew religious brothers, priests, sisters,... Read More

Saturday Morning Chores and Everyone Pitches In!

On Saturday mornings, everyone at St. Joseph House helps out with weekly chores. This past Saturday at 10am, and every Saturday, the Brothers, Postulant, and Aspirants of St. Joseph House complete their assigned house obediences. This includes cleaning... Read More

Reflection for the Beginning of Lent

“Even now, says the Lord, return to me with your whole heart” (Joel 2:12). As the Church enters the liturgical season of Lent in preparation for the celebration of the Paschal Mystery, the death and resurrection of Christ, the Holy Cross brothers... Read More