Canada Pilgrimage Trip

“Canada, ayyyyy” 

The beautiful land of Canada, what an experience that was. Couldn’t imagine a better way to enjoy my fall break than this pilgrimage. Being able to explore the most diverse cities of Canada; Montreal, Toronto, Quebec etc. Every city that we visited had a different purpose. For example, we visited the St. Francis Xavier Mission Catholic Church to see St. Kateri. It was amazing to be able to actually visit a Saint as well as being able to touch her relics and other artifacts that belonged to her. The whole trip was something to always remember, but my favorite part of the trip would have to be visiting the St. Joseph Oratory in Montreal as well as the city itself. Couldn’t believe when I got there how magnificent and beautiful everything was. Not only was the Oratory beautiful but the city down below was a nice treat to explore. One aspect of the trip that stood out to me was that in the different cities we stayed at hostels. A hostel is “an establishment that provides inexpensive food and lodging for a specific group of people, such as students, workers, or travelers.” Being able to stay at such humble accommodations made me appreciate the trip even more, since I was able to experience a pilgrimage the way it should be.

– Angel Vargas, Aspirant