Corby Night at the University of Notre Dame

St. Joseph House Aspirant from Holy Cross College, Notre DameOn Wednesday evening February 22, brothers and aspirants of St. Joseph House attended an event at the University of Notre Dame called ‘Corby Night.’ This event is held each semester at Corby Hall, which is the residence of Holy Cross priests and brothers who work and teach at the University. All men from both the University of Notre Dame and Holy Cross College are invited to attend the event in order to meet with Holy Cross priests, brothers, and seminarians in order to talk about a possible vocation to religious life in the Congregation of Holy Cross. Men at every stage of discernment are welcome, whether they’ve just begun to consider religious life or if they are in serious discussion with the Vocation Director.

Personally, it was a great opportunity to pray and socialize with a different community of Holy Cross religious.  Also, it is very helpful in my discernment to discuss the possibility of a vocation to religious life with other guys my age who have many of the same questions and have many of the same desires I do.  It is in this supportive atmosphere with the Holy Cross priests, brothers, seminarians and other men discerning their vocation that I am renewed and affirmed in my own discernment.

— Jacob Eifrid is in the Aspirancy Program at St. Joseph Discernment House, Holy Cross College, Notre Dame, IN.