Discernment Opportunities

My name is Brandon Turk and I am an aspirant in the formation house at Holy Cross College. While staying in this formation house I have been provided with a wide variety of discernment opportunities. One such opportunity had arisen over a dinner conversation. Andrew, a former member of our formation house, and I had expressed our interest in traveling abroad to experience the global congregation. This discussion eventually evolved into an opportunity to travel to Bangladesh and work with the Holy Cross Brothers. The summer following our initial discussion over traveling and participating in the congregation’s global ministry I was actualizing my desire.

While in Bangladesh I was allowed to engage students in two Holy Cross schools in dialogue in an effort to strengthen their English verbal communication skills; to speak about my own vocation at a handful of formation houses; and to grow in my personal understanding of Holy Cross’s global mission to “educate hearts and minds.” This opportunity has been immensely beneficial to the discernment of my vocation, and I recommend anyone who is interested in spiritual and personal growth to seriously consider living in a community such as the formation house at Holy Cross college.

– Brandon Turk, Aspirant