Easter at Columba Hall

We spent Easter at Columba Hall, the retired community of brothers on the Notre Dame campus. After Mass, a reception followed and then the big Easter lunch. It’s always fun spending time with the retired Brothers. They are full of wisdom, experience, and funny stories. Seeing them pray together after all these years demonstrates to me what community life is all about. Many of these brothers have been in the Congregation for over 50 years! Several of them are spiritual directors; so even in retirement they still bring hope and wisdom to students.

Their dedication, passion, hospitality, and spirituality have not faded with age. I’m also recommending students to stop by Columba Hall because I have no doubt they will be warmly welcomed. The Brothers are great reminders to me of just how important our understanding of community life is in Holy Cross.

Our call to live in community is not simply a call to live with other people, but to understand ourselves as part of God’s family. Our love and commitment to God, to each other, and to our ministry bind us into a community that is also truly a family.

— Dustin Nelson was admitted to the Holy Cross Postulancy Program last summer. A native of Kokomo, Indiana, he is a graduate of Indiana University and is clarifying his call to religious life while living in community at St. Joseph Discernment House.