Living in St. Joseph House

I came to St. Joseph House as part of my discernment process to become a Holy Cross Brother. As a Postulant with the Moreau Province, I have had the opportunity to interact with the Sisters, Brothers, and Priests in the congregation. I feel that this experience has allowed for me to gain a communal respect for the missions served here in the United States and beyond.

Our house has not only served as a place of formation, but, also, as a home that invites the community to share in the many gifts that we have to offer – like sharing in our culinary practice when we invite people to dine with us. In addition to inviting people, we also serve a presence in our campus community. We can be found participating in campus ministry, singing in the chapel choir, taking part in planning for new summer programs (e.g. Saints and Scholars Institute), ministering to the residents of Holy Cross Village, participating in mass and dinner with the Brothers of Holy Cross over at Columba Hall, and participating in prayer services throughout the tri-campus area.

St. Joseph House is cultivating the men that live here to be good stewards in our immediate community so that in the future we will be able to extend this rooted experience to whichever community we may find ourselves living in when we graduate from the Holy Cross College experience.

-Gilbert Martinez, Postulant

Gilbert Martinez is discerning a vocation to religious brotherhood at St. Joseph House, Holy Cross College, Notre Dame, Indiana