Saturday Morning Chores and Everyone Pitches In!

St. Joseph House chores

On Saturday mornings, everyone at St. Joseph House helps out with weekly chores.

This past Saturday at 10am, and every Saturday, the Brothers, Postulant, and Aspirants of St. Joseph House complete their assigned house obediences. This includes cleaning and organizing different parts of the house. Each person is designated an area of the house, for example the kitchen, living room, hallways, guest rooms or chapel, and is expected to clean each space according to a list of different tasks.

Recently, my assigned house obedience has been in the kitchen with Bro. Chris and Bro. Jesus. This task seems a little boring for a Saturday morning, but it is a good chance to build community and there is always a feeling of satisfaction afterwards when the kitchen is clean and tidy. Bro. Chris makes sure we always have plenty of Spic-n-Span and paper towels on hand to make sure every last spot is wiped away!

— Jacob Eifrid is in the Aspirancy Program at St. Joseph Discernment House, Holy Cross College, Notre Dame, IN.