Staying Up Late!

It’s just after midnight and I am ready to go to bed. While other college students are just starting the night I walk to my dorm room anxious to sleep. Walking into the St. Joseph house I run into my fellow aspirant Brandon Turk. A simple “goodnight” sparks a memory from the day and that leads to some deep philosophical question, which always inspires a conversation about ministry in the church. We then discuss how we hope to serve God in this crazy world and often share our struggles and obstacles we are facing in our lives as Christians. Before I know it the clock is jumping off the wall because its past 2 in the morning and my early bed time just ran out the window. Though tired the next morning, I am always grateful for these moments.

It’s these spontaneous instances that make the St. Joseph house so special.

Each person that lives here is after one thing and that one thing is Jesus. Infused in our daily life we focus on living out for call to Christian love. Through community living we are able to support and inspire each other to KEEP GOING.  It is hard to live out a holy life, a life set apart. However, when you live next to other people who are chasing the same goal, we become more resilient. I know that each morning when I wake up that my fellow aspirants and brothers will be in the chapel waiting for me to say Morning Prayer. Just like Brandon has been there to share in deep conversation so are all the Brothers and Priest of Holy Cross who each day give their life so that I may be impacted through fellowship and friendship. The St. Joseph house has given me a real experience of brotherhood and what it means to share the faith. This is the model of the family and I pray that it will be experienced more and more as we march forward in the new evangelization.  Through prayer, forgiveness, and the occasional “staying up late”, we as Catholics will cultivate a truly universal church filled with the people of God!

David Slonkosky, Aspirant