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Mardi Gras at St. Joseph House!

Mardi Gras at St. Joseph House! On Tuesday, the St. Joseph House celebrated Mardi Gras with a fun dinner. Several brothers collaborated for the event and made an assortment of desserts and treats, including the traditional pancake meal. We are fortunate... Read More

Community Living Fosters Personal Growth

St. Joseph Discernment House community It’s hard to believe that we are only a couple of weeks away from the end of this Spring semester. Our time together has presented new personal challenges that I have embraced and used as opportunities for... Read More

The Theology of Food

Bro. Chris Torrijas, C.S.C. and  resident chef and Aspirant David Slonkosky. It is safe to say that whenever my family gets together there will be food. This is also true about our greater Catholic family and specifically the Holy Cross family. We do... Read More