Catching up with Bro. Nich Perez, CSC

Bro. Nich Perez, CSC, a doctoral candidate at USC is living with the Marianist community at Lalanne House.

Bro. Nich Perez, CSC, is on a creative streak. A doctoral candidate in the media arts and practice program at USC since 2016, the Brother of Holy Cross is teaching and writing/producing/directing a number of film projects.

Adulting, a short film exploring modern adulthood through the lives of three millennials was nominated for Best Documentary at the First Look Film Festival, presented by the USC School of Cinema Arts. Bro. Nich is a producer of the film.

He has also been working on a more personal and longer-term film project. It began with Dear Mom, a short film that documented his mother’s journey with cancer and chemotherapy in 2010. “It was a way for me to remember my mom,” he said. It also inspired a longer film currently in progress, The Art of Grieving. “This film looks at five different women who have lost someone in their lives and transformed their grief into art. The film is an epistolary love letter to the person they loved.” Click to watch the short clip below:


Art of Grieving

Once the Art of Grieving is turned into a 20-minute short film, Bro. Nich envisions a longer documentary feature that merges the women’s stories with his own. “It’s a wonderful ministry for those who have lost someone,” he continued. “The grieving process is something that too often is not talked about.”