Discerning a Vocation Includes Life Changing Trip to India

For most people, moving from San Antonio, TX to South Bend, IN is a major life adjustment, but for Postulant John Sebastian Gutierrez, Holy Cross communities are warm and welcoming wherever you land in the world. “It’s been wonderful, I feel at home,” said John Sebastian, whoVocations, HCC India 1 was accepted to the Holy Cross Postulancy Program last spring.

John Sebastian and Postulant Gilbert Zapata Martinez, who resided in the Moreau House at St. Edward’s University, began their postulancy at Holy Cross College in Notre Dame last fall. They live in community at St. Joseph Discernment House with five Brothers and three Aspirants. In addition to discerning a vocation through studies, prayer, community living and service, John Sebastian, Gilbert and Aspirant Brandon Turk traveled to India over the winter break. They were joined by Bro. Nich Perez, and a group of Holy Cross College students and professors.

The group visited New Delhi, the Taj Mahal in Agra and three Holy Cross schools in South Bangalore, “which are phenomenal places,” said John Sebastian. The schools are large, educating 4,000 to 6,000 students, and everyone turned out to give a joyous welcome to the American guests. Even 8,000 miles from home, the Holy Cross schools in South Bangalore felt familiar and inviting.

“These schools felt similar to my days at Holy Cross of San Antonio of educating the mind without the expense of the heart,” said John Sebastian, a 2011 graduaVocations, HCC India 7te of the school. “I could relate to the students in India and always think back to my own situation. The Brothers were there for me and I want to pay that back.”

Gilbert is discerning a vocation to religious brotherhood, while John Sebastian is preparing for religious priesthood and is currently preparing his petition for the Novitiate. “I’m enjoying my opportunities here and want to keep going,” he said.

John Sebastian and other members of the St. Joseph Discernment House are blogging about travel and living in a religious community. Learn more at Living in Faith.