New Blog Highlights Life at St. Joseph Discernment House

Living in Faith, a new discernment blog launched earlier this year provides an inside look at the joy, deep faith and community experienced by aspirants and postulants at St. Joseph Discernment House, the on-campus residence of the Brothers of Holy Cross working at Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, IN.

Written by men living at St. Joseph, the blog features lively accounts of daily activities in the lives of those discerning vocations. In their posts, the writers examine their spirituality as they explore religious life and share everyday tasks such as cooking and serving the campus community.

Even seemingly routine tasks can provoke reflections on their faith. Aspirant David Slonkosky, a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, finds that feeding the community also feeds the soul: “This is not just to provide sustenance for our bodies but it is to unite our lives just as we unite ourselves to the Body of Christ at Mass. We share our struggles and our joys, our hopes and our passions, all while eating our earthly food. This is why I am honored to cook.”

As they explore vocations, the men also explore the world. Recent blog posts have highlighted ministry trips to Canada, India and Bangladesh. As Aspirant Brandon Turk writes about his global ministry in Bangladesh: “While in Bangladesh, I was allowed to engage students in two Holy Cross schools in dialogue in an effort to strengthen their English verbal communication skills; to speak about my own vocation at a handful of formation houses; and to grow in my personal understanding of Holy Cross’s global mission to ‘educate hearts and minds.’”