Welcome to our Vocation E-News – Issue II

June 1, 2015

Dear Friends,

Many young people, having just now graduated from high school or college, are asking themselves a similar question, “What’s next?” Often, the answer is more studies or finding a good job (one that can help pay off those student loans!).

In this edition of Vocation E-news we meet several people who have answered that same question in their own lives – but at a deeper level. They have discovered their true calling in life, their vocation. First, we are introduced to Bro. Tom Frey, CSC, a Holy Cross brother who has been a member of the Congregation of Holy Cross for over 60 years! His own father’s words to him might be good advice for you, too. “I’m not going to tell what you should become in life, but whatever you choose, be a good one.” And, Bro. Tom has certainly been a good and faithful religious brother these many years. We also encounter another brother, William Nick, CSC, who likewise shares his wisdom, “Do not be afraid to follow your heart.” Next, we meet two young men, Gilbert Martinez and John Sebastian Gutierrez, who were recently approved to become postulants with the Congregation of Holy Cross. Both men will move to our St. Joseph House program at Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, Indiana. Gilbert will prepare to be a Holy Cross brother while Sebastian will study to become a Holy Cross priest. Lastly, you will see the giftedness of the students in our Holy Cross schools throughout the country. These young women and men have used their gifts in music, art, writing, and film as part of our annual Project Hope contest. What’s next for them? With so many talents, the sky’s the limit! Of course, our prayer is that they will use their skills to serve God’s people, especially those who are poor or suffering.

What’s next for you? Read more and maybe you, too, will find the inspiration and direction you need to find the deepest joy in your own life.


Bro. Jonathan P. Beebe, CSC

Vocation Director