Welcome to our Vocation E-News – Issue III

Dear Friends,

One of the great joys of being a Brother of Holy Cross is that no matter where I travel, whether it is a school in the Moreau or Midwest provinces or a ministry located thousands of miles away, every Holy Cross community feels like home. Many of the people featured in this edition of Vocation E-news share this experience.

When Postulant John Sebastian Gutierrez traveled with members from the St. Joseph Discernment House at Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, IN to Holy Cross schools in India, he was reminded of his own experience as a Holy Cross student in San Antonio, TX. “My breath was taken away,” he said. “All you could hear was the rush of 4,000 claps when everyone turned out to meet us. We really got to experience the joy of this community, they were so glad we were there.”

More students in our Holy Cross schools are discovering the scope of our faith and service through the Holy Cross immersion experience, which is organized by Bro. Michael Winslow, CSC and by participating in our annual Project Hope contest, now in its seventh year.

Bro. Elmer Brummer, CSC, spent decades on cutting-edge microbiology research, which took him from Clemson University in South Carolina to Baylor College of Medicine in Texas and then New York, California and even Japan. Bro. Elmer, who celebrates his 70th year as a Brother of Holy Cross, puts his years of travel and research in perspective this way, “My research was very interesting and time-consuming. But every day I came home to our community of brothers,” He said. “There’s always someone to share your life with.”

Where will your Holy Cross journey take you? Read on and maybe you too will find inspiration on using your gifts and talents to serve God and others.


Bro. Jonathan P. Beebe, CSC

Vocation Director