Welcome to our Vocation E-News – Issue IV

Dear Friends,

At Holy Cross communities, the ordinary often becomes extraordinary.

For proof, look no further than St. Joseph Discernment House at Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, IN, where seemingly routine tasks have profound meaning. Aspirant David Slonkosky, a cook at St. Joseph, views his work in the kitchen as a deeply spiritual task: “We share our struggles and our joys, our hopes and our passions, all while eating our earthly food.” In this edition of Vocation E-news, we include a link to the new discernment blog for St. Joseph, Living in Faith, where you’ll read stories of extraordinary men like David.

The spirit of community is also certainly alive at Moreau House at St. Edward’s University and at Holy Cross middle and high schools. At Moreau House, college-age men live in community, prayer and service. Moreau House Director Bro. Larry Atkinson, CSC, says, “Students come in with a great desire to live a committed lifestyle in community. Moreau House helps them focus on that.” Meanwhile, 748 middle and high school students submitted entries for Project Hope 2016. Grand prize winner Madison Wagner’s essay highlighted her remarkable reflections on volunteering at a soup kitchen.

Sometimes, community isn’t defined by four walls. I was privileged to join Bro. Bill Zaydak, CSC, this spring on a journey to Brazil, where we visited with Holy Cross Brothers in various parts of the country. Through their ministry at schools, parishes and social service centers, the Brothers there are truly “men with hope to bring” to the people of Brazil.

Ready to explore the power of community in your own life? Read on and maybe you will see that through the ordinary, God is calling you to be extraordinary.


Bro. Jonathan P. Beebe, CSC

Vocation Director