Welcome to Our Vocation E-News–Issue IX

Brothers of Holy Cross, Moreau ProvinceBig Step for a Novice. Big Step for Our Community.

Dear Friends,

It was a privilege, honor and joy for the Congregation of Holy Cross to witness five novices make their First Profession of Vows on July 29, 2017. Representing the Moreau Province, John Sebastian Gutierrez, CSC, whose journey we have followed from postulant to novice, made temporary vows of poverty, celibacy and obedience for one year. It’s a big step for John Sebastian who describes it as, “My first big commitment in life,” and for our community. Having completed the first three years of discernment and formation, John Sebastian is the first U.S. seminarian for the Moreau Province.

We devote this issue of Vocation E-News to this blessed event and the people who support and strengthen one’s religious vocation. While Blessed Fr. Moreau wrote, “Vocations come from God, [humans] cannot give them,” we recognize that a religious vocation is identified and nurtured by human relationships. This was certainly the case for John Sebastian, whose vocation was strengthened by his mother, Patty Sanchez, his home parish and Holy Cross school community in San Antonio, TX. I encourage you to read about the many ways John Sebastian was supported on this journey. This issue also features the transition from “Novice to Seminarian” and “Words of Advice” for living a happy, healthy and productive religious life.

The Profession of First Vows also presents a teaching moment for our greater Holy Cross community because it reminds us of that “Faith is caught, not taught.” How do you help students or others catch their faith? We would love to hear your input that will be featured in the next issue of Vocation E-News.


Bro. Jonathan Beebe, CSC