Welcome to our Vocation E-News – Issue VII

Director of Vocations, Brothers of Holy Cross

Dear Friends,

Time is one of God’s most precious gifts. Irish novelist James Joyce quite aptly likened time to “holding water in your hand.” Sometimes it meanders like a gentle stream winding lazily through a meadow. But at other moments, its current is so swift that we look back in wonder at how quickly time has passed.

At the recent National Symposium on the Life of the Religious Brother, religious from orders around the world, including the Brothers of Holy Cross, gathered at the University of Notre Dame for a powerful reaffirmation of what it means to be “Just a Brother.” We live unfettered from the complications of secular life or the priesthood, using our time to minister to the poor, the lonely and the forgotten. In this issue of Vocation E-news, some of our confreres reflect on the message of the Symposium, their unique vocations and the gift that brotherhood has brought to themselves and those they serve.

Our jubilarians also recently reflected on the decades they have spent as Brothers of Holy Cross. These dedicated men have devoted themselves—in some cases 70 or 75 years—to making God known and loved in l across the globe. In them, the everyday has been transformed into the remarkable. Several of them are profiled in this issue. As they look back, they wonder where the time has gone. Yet, they also marvel at how the gifts of time and brotherhood have guided their journeys to lives rich in service and a deeper relationship with God.

Now, it’s your turn. What will you do with your gift of time?


Bro. Jonathan P. Beebe, CSC
Vocation Director