Words of Advice

The Profession of First Vows is an important occasion for John Sebastian Gutierrez, CSC, and for the Congregation of Holy Cross. We asked seven brothers, “What advice would you give John Sebastian for a happy, healthy and productive religious life? Here, they offer sage advice, culled from their many decades and experiences as consecrated religious.

Bro. Walter Gluhm, CSC

Keep up with the Mass. For me, it helps to know the readings for the liturgy before I go. Also, consider praying the rosary every day. The mysteries really bring you back to the life of Jesus and the Blessed Mother. Lastly, get involved in your local community. Every one of us has a gift to share.” Bro. Walter Gluhm, CSC



Bro. William Nick, CSCFirst, trust the wisdom of the good religious who go before you. Follow their example, especially their zeal for the Church and the apostolate. You will be in good stead. Next, be faithful to community prayer and community life. Celebrate both regularly. And don’t forget your own personal prayer. Finally, let your religious life be a discovery, an adventure. No two days will be the same – and that’s a good thing!” Bro. William Nick, CSC 


Consider your call to the Holy Cross community and your call to ministry, to serving others. Be aware that you are human. You can’t avoid the experience of being like everyone else and all that comes with that, the challenges and the changes. Realize that you now live your life from two dimensions: the spiritual life and the apostolic life. Let God be God for you. Do less talking and more listening. He already knows you inside out!” Bro. Richard Kiniry, CSC


Bro. Alan Harrod, CSC

Our Constitutions call us to 30 minutes of personal daily prayer. Devote yourself to this practice. It seems that when this begins to disappear, other commitments begin to disappear, too.” Bro. Alan Harrod, CSC



Religious life is a stool with three legs: prayer, community, and service. Find a balance. You need all three to stay upright.” Bro. Richard Eckhardt, CSC




Bro. Mark Knightly, CSC

Community life is our best teacher. When you get into a situation where your plans and projects are more important than the people around you, where the challenges of being a spectacular, high performing person seem to be your priority, STOP. Open your eyes, and then go help with the dishes.” Bro. Mark Knightly, CSC



Bro. Larry Atkinson, CSC

Our work is God’s work. Not ours. We are His instruments. Be faithful to daily personal prayer. It will enrich your life and give meaning to your ministry. Always value community life. It is our greatest teacher, and witnesses to others how they might live with a spirit of fraternity and charity.” Bro. Larry Atkinson, CSC