Words of Advice

Whenever Vocation e-News talks to brothers and priests, we’re always interested in learning how they would advise someone who is considering a vocation, or wondering about religious life. Here’s some Words of Advice:

“The greatest source of joy for me as a young religious Brother can be summed up in three main elements:

One: Passion. The way I choose to live my life empowers my passion that allows me to be more creative in the way I share my gifts with others. This transformative energy reverberates within me not only as a filmmaker and as a teacher, but as a brother and friend to others that I encounter every day.

Two: Guiding Principles. Being a religious brother has taught me to know myself better and to live by a code that is motivated by guiding principles that are divine in nature. These are Faith, Hope and Love. And as a brother, one has the opportunity to humbly live these principles literally to the core, which leads to a joyful and meaningful life.

Three: Community.  I think one of the best experiences of being a religious brother is community life, which transcends culture, religion, economic status, education, etc. This is what is most unique about this vocation, for a brother can give more of himself to others with his consecrated vows. Unlike the priests at the altar or married men with a family, a brother has more freedom to serve God and his community — which is a more exhilarating life, if you ask me.

So, if you think you’re up for the challenge to be joyful in a lifestyle that is meaningful, and if you are willing to share it with others, sign up and take a plunge!” — Bro. Nich Perez, CSC

“For anyone with an inkling toward a religious vocation, the most important thing is to pray. Pray asking God to send the right people into your life who can guide you and steer your thinking. The other thing I would say is, try it out. You don’t have to make a commitment for many years. It would be a shame to have regrets much later in life because you never gave it a try.” Fr. Robert DeLeon, CSC

“It’s not just about finding out what God wants for us. It’s about finding out what we want for ourselves. So, it’s important to ask, ‘What do you want for yourself?’ And then prayerfully consider and take ownership of the decision. Also, talk to someone you trust, a spiritual director, friend or family member. Speak candidly about what’s in your mind and heart to figure out how the Holy Spirit is guiding you towards a vocation.” Rev. Carlos Esparza, SJ, Jesuit priest living in community with the Brothers of Holy Cross, Austin, Tex.